Love in the Time of Politics


I wrote this letter with my fellow creatives in mind. My hope is for anyone to find some solace in these words, no matter your profession.


Dear Friends,

There is so much going on. Im sure you are aware. Many distractions. Many real threats. Many superficial concerns. Many... you understand my point. It is just exhausting.

With these looming realities, we must make a valiant effort to find joy and love in the everyday. We must actively focus our attention to the practice of being a creative, and find joy within it. Because it is our everyday.

I recently read Daring Greatly by Brené Brown, a book about the transformative powers of vulnerability (please read it if you have not and watch her TED talk). In it she says “we must dare to show up and be seen.” I deeply related to this statement and I believe you will as well. 

As creatives, thinkers, or whatever descriptor you may use, we must dare to show up and allow our ideas to be seen and speak for those who can not find the words. We must dare to show up and be seen amid our colleagues. In doing this, we risk exposing ourselves to the harsh reality of failure. It is terrifying and invigorating, but we understand growth and true impact are not found in the timid and safe. Though our efforts may rarely be paradigm shifting, one thing can surely be found in this vulnerability: love. The love we feel for our work. The love we feel for our colleagues. The love in the eyes of anyone who sees their idea visualized, tangible. Their deepest emotions illuminated in words, color and form. 

There is poetry in this practice.

I dare you to show up and be seen for your team, for your art, for your ideas. Every day. I promise to do the same.

Where can you find joy in the time of politics? Within your work.

Good luck.



Felix Fernando Oliha

Felix Oliha